Wealth from waste: use garbage disposer

use garbage disposer

Almost 20 % of the waste from the house is got from the kitchen and in many countries the government has encourage the installation of garbage disposer. In Sweden, the sink garbage disposal is encouraged by the government in order to increase the biogas production since the garbage wastes can be converted into manure. The biogas can be used for cooking and also for other purposes. Only the renewable wastes can be converted into manure and so the people have to be careful in avoiding the use of plastics and other waste materials.

Not only the food wastes from the home but also the food wasted in the hotels and in public places can as be recycled with the help of garbage disposal unit. Once the sink garbage disposal is installed in the hotel kitchens then they will require large disposer unit since they will grind large number of food items. If the food scraps are directly buried in the landfills it will cause some climatic changes since it will produce greenhouse and the methane gas. When the food is disposed along with water then it can easily decomposed and also it will not cause any harm to the environment.

use garbage disposer

The motor has to be considered in which it has to produce high power to grind the food and also should last for a long time. The sink garbage disposal since the food will first enter the sink and then through the plumbing it will enter the waste disposal unit in which the food will be completely cut into pieces. For cutting down the food into pieces the disposer uses stainless steel blades which can be sharp and strong so that it will last for a long time. With the help of this simple device you can easily clean the food scarps from the kitchen.