Generally the people go to department stores to buy anything for their needs and requirement. The Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are top two department stores and those contain large number of employees to work. Every company or association wants some database to store employee’s information like employee’s personal details and their salary details etc. That associations must require safety database because they could not leak out any employee details if it leak then they may affect their employee as well as their business. For achieving this safety the Macy’s and Bloomingdale was create a connection website that is known as Macy’s insite. The employeeconnection net is used to store the employee details or information’s with safety. Only the employees can access and use this site by using their id proof. Each employee has their own employee id and password to access this employee connection website. For site usage just they have log in to that site by using their id and password.

Structure of website:

The Macy’s insite is a simple webpage that has text graphic that inform you to you are in “in-site” or “out site” and the webpage have log in button which is used for allowing the employees to sign in to the connection site. The graphic text is welcome the employee or user to their personal information resource. If you want to see your schedule in Macy’s insite just click “My Schedule” after log in to your account and the schedule button will be on the menu area. After that this site will be automatically show your schedule to you. If they need the employees can saw or check their information’s but the administrator of Macy’s only can access employee information’s for maintaining their security. Because it is possible the employee can make a wrong data base or changes the details in the site.