For a lot of offshore bookies, the idea of starting up with a Price Per Head service can be intimidating. But if you are with a good service, the process of setting up your own online bookmaking business should be quick, easy, and smooth. Not only should a good PPH service make it easy for you to transition to the world of PPH sports betting, but it should also make the transition easy for your clients.

A good Price Per Head Sportsbook service will provide their clients with knowledgeable and qualified experts that can provide guidance and advice to make the transition to PPH a smooth one. Regardless of what package you choose, a management team will be there to help you through every step of the processes, ensuring that your new business will be up and running quickly.

Price Per Head offers Unlimited Profiling

With a Price Per Head service, you will have access to all of your players profiles and will be able to customize them as you see fit whenever you like. Limitless profile settings can be set for groups or individual players. As a bookie, you also have access to sub agents that are unlimited. As the host, you are provided unlimited access to all player profiles and can customize things such as wager types and wager limits. You can even determine exactly which sporting events you want to make accessible to your bettors and which ones you don’t.


Taking customization a step further

To take things even one step further, Price Per Head Sportsbook Services give you the option to determine your own wager types. For example, you can offer your players teasers, parlays, open bets, and reverses anytime you like, or take them away anytime you like. You can also determine advanced options such as how many teams are allowed in each wager type and how much maximum payout limits will be.

As a bookie using Price Per Head services, you also have the option to choose which line type your players will use. In regards to horse race betting, you can control things such as odds, limits, and restrictions. If you choose the option of adding online casino gambling to your website, you can control that as well by customizing your players daily limits, and even restricting the types of games they can play.

Price Per Head Sportsbook Services can offer you unlimited and unrestricted access to all of your players profiles – access a service today and gain control of your decisions.